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Tools are everywhere, but you must know how and when to use them to achieve your goals and create value.

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Hi, I'm Daniel Lemire. I've spent over 25 years helping thousands of business professionals leverage technology to create value. I've been leading a fortune 50 innovation team and I can teach you the same proven methods used by big companies.

Using AI, I'll help you to achieve big results without the complexity so you can accelerate your success!

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It's About Success

You need the right tools to enable your ability to deliver results.
I will help you:

  • Transform your perspective and approach to problem-solving

  • Unlock your potential with practical AI skills and knowledge

  • Extract real value from everyday opportunities

  • Take action to make a difference for yourself and others

Keys to Opportunity


MISTAKES Framework

This valuable problem-solving approach helps individuals develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers.


Action-based Learning

Activate your learning and make MISTAKES daily to learn and grow.


Community to strengthen your resolve

Connect with like-minded people to grow your network and your accountability.

About The Course

The advent of new AI tools is exciting and offers incredible opportunities to grow and build like never before!

Now is the time to act, but you also need the right processes and actions to create real value instead of just adding more tools!

The MISTAKES Framework provides a strong foundation for innovation and value creation. With it, you'll discover how to identify and understand the problem, develop and validate the solution, and then implement and sustain your solution. When combined with AI tools and processes to move you quickly past roadblocks, success is yours for the taking!

What You Will Get:

Nine Weeks of Comprehensive Learning

Each week, a new module is unlocked, allowing you to progress through our meticulously designed curriculum based on the MISTAKES Framework.

Weekly Group Consultations

An invaluable opportunity to have an interactive group session with Daniel Lemire, where you can clarify doubts, discuss your project, or get professional insights.

Exclusive Access

Membership in a private online community where you can interact with like-minded professionals and get additional support.


Receive a certificate upon completion to validate your knowledge and skills in implementing AI without the common pitfalls.

Course Breakdown:

Week 1 - Map: Learn how to accurately identify problem areas, user needs, and the context in which you're operating.

Week 2 - Investigate: Dive deep into research methodologies and data gathering to understand the problem comprehensively.

Week 3 - Sketch: Develop initial ideas, potential solutions, and early-stage prototypes.

Week 4 - Test: Understand validation techniques to ensure the effectiveness of your prototypes.

Week 5 - Adapt: Learn the art of iteration based on feedback.

Week 6 - Kickstart: Navigate the complexities of implementing or launching your final product or solution.

Week 7 - Evaluate: Master techniques to measure results, assess effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement.

Week 8 - Sustain: Learn how to maintain your solutions over time, adapting as necessary to ensure long-term value.

Week 9 - Capstone Project: Implement what you've learned in a final project that brings all the elements of the MISTAKES Framework together.

Course enrollment is extremely limited to ensure an interactive, high-value experience for each participant.

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